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Straw Necklace

This week we are preparing for Easter.  My class today involved a project where the children string pieces of straw onto a thick string and make a necklace.  This turned out to be a perfect idea as the kids were able to do most of the work themselves.

I cut colored straws into to short pieces and used a string thick enough that they didn’t need any kind of threader.  I put the straws into cups for two or three children to share.  It is a good activity for coordination but also sharing and group work.  I just tied the knot for them when they were done.  This was a great project for this age group as they were challenged enough to concentrate but not so challenged that they needed constant help.  It kept the classes more quiet than usual and required little explanation– just make sure, if you use this idea, to demonstrate what happens if they aren’t careful with the other end of the string.  If any children finished earlier I asked them to help their friends, and they were surprisingly cooperative.