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Last class ever

So I’m officially finished with the last class in my undergraduate career. Last Thursday was the exam period for my 2-D design class, and we put on a small show in the gallery at Hanes Art Center. For the final project, as I mentioned before, we could do pretty much anything we wanted to do– it just had to be a series of some sort. I thought I’d post a few pictures of my project and our final exhibition.

What I did was draw the face and hands of the image with a brush and ink (just calligraphy ink) on matteboard. Then I layered cut colored paper to create the hanbok (한복), traditional Korean dress for women. The elaborate hairstyles are taken from old Korean paintings of women. I tried to emulate the traditional painting style for the faces and rendering of the hair. It turned out to be a nice fusion of different drawing styles. I also drew on top of the colored paper after I glued it on the board, so that it wouldn’t stand out too much form the drawing.