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New drawings

I’ve been doing some new ballpoint pen drawings, and thought I’d upload a couple that I’m pretty happy with.  I always start out wanting to do something really loose and stylized, but I get way into the details and things end up much more realistic than I originally intended.

The image on the left is a character concept I’m working on, and the one on the right is just a silly character I made up– was mostly focusing on the anatomy in a bodysuit.  I tend to draw stylized, skinny women most of the time (though I probably don’t have many of those drawings up on here), so I wanted to draw a new bodytype.

Last class ever

So I’m officially finished with the last class in my undergraduate career. Last Thursday was the exam period for my 2-D design class, and we put on a small show in the gallery at Hanes Art Center. For the final project, as I mentioned before, we could do pretty much anything we wanted to do– it just had to be a series of some sort. I thought I’d post a few pictures of my project and our final exhibition.

What I did was draw the face and hands of the image with a brush and ink (just calligraphy ink) on matteboard. Then I layered cut colored paper to create the hanbok (한복), traditional Korean dress for women. The elaborate hairstyles are taken from old Korean paintings of women. I tried to emulate the traditional painting style for the faces and rendering of the hair. It turned out to be a nice fusion of different drawing styles. I also drew on top of the colored paper after I glued it on the board, so that it wouldn’t stand out too much form the drawing.

2-D Design: final project

It’s been ages since I’ve updated- apologies!  I tend to post when I have new work to show, but I haven’t been doing anything worth putting in my portfolio.  I am taking a summer course in 2-D design right now, my last class as an undergraduate student.  It’s actually a prerequisite for all the other studio art courses but I never took it, and now I’m stuck going back…  The class itself is fine, but it’s definitely back-to-bases.  We’ve done a lot of studies but no actual pieces yet.  However, for the final project I’m working on a series of 6 images that I hope to hang in the apartment when they’re done.  I’m using brush-and-ink to mimic the traditional Korean painting style from the Joseun (조선) period. All six are images of women in 한복, traditional Korean clothing for women.  I’m drawing the elaborate hairstyles and everything!  For the gowns I’m using patterned scrap-booking paper to create the look of fancy fabric.  For now I only have the drawing portion done, but I’ll get some scans up when I’ve made some headway.

New paintings

Two paintings from this semester.  The first one was from a model.  The second one is the interior of a Seoul city bus no. 7737.  I spent a lot of time riding that bus back from Hongdae, alone, late at night.  It seems I’m very interested in commonly ignored public spaces!  I’m not yet finished with the bus painting.