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Today after work I actually wanted to go out.  Not out as in drinking or partying (you know me), but I wanted to force myself to get out of the house on a weekday.  Tristan, Jessica and I checked out a local diner called ForkFork which has excellent reviews on and  The prices are a little expensive (5,500 won for just a burger, 10,000 for a basic combo, and 7,000 for a milkshake), but the food was very yummy and the atmosphere was nice.  The last few days we’ve been eating the school lunch and cooking at home so I didn’t feel bad about eating out.  I haven’t eaten at any other burger places yet so I can’t compare, but it was pretty good.

After that Tristan went to the gym and Jessica and I decided to check out the COEX shopping center.  Unfortunately it was mostly closing by the time we got there, but the place is HUGE and I got weary just wandering around.  We remembered that tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day and that we’re obligated to wear green clothing (which neither of us have), so we made it our task to find something.

On our way home we found a stand selling strawberries for very cheap (they were about to go bad) so we picked up some ice cream and yogurt and made some amazing smoothies at our apartment.  Somehow we lucked out and had a blender stashed under our sink when we moved in.  I think that tomorrow, instead of going out, we will celebrate the holiday at our place.  Most of the bars in Itaewon (foreigner part of town) will be completely swamped I’m sure and I don’t want to have TOO much fun when we’ve got work the next day.  I really don’t know how people can make it through the day with those kids without being fully rested.

This weekend I’d really like to go on a trip but I’m not sure where yet– I’ll keep you posted!

Trying to Cook: Korean-style Ramen

Known in Korea as Ramyeon (라면), you might be familiar with the packages of noodles and seasonings you can get at the grocery store for anywhere from ten cents to a quarter.  But Korean style ramen is a little bit more delicious (and full of things that make it worth eating).  

I have about 10 packages of ramen sitting in my pantry which most college students do.  You buy it when you’re broke and convince yourself that you’ll be satisfied eating just this for a while, but then it just sits there because it’s merely noodles and bland flavoring powder.  So I decided to spice it up! Continue reading