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Exam Preparation

Now that I’m officially registered for the exam, it’s kind of a reality check to see how much time is left.  Five weeks seems like nothing as I begin to tackle the pile of materials I’ve gathered as my study guide.  Since returning from Thailand I have put myself on a strict schedule of studying at least 2 hours every night, though it is more if I don’t finish all the things I had hoped to.

The more I study the more I realize I know nothing.  I felt fairly confident that I had a good chance on the test before, but now I’m filled with uncertainty and panic as I start reading things– there’s so much I don’t know, need to know, and that I don’t know about the exam.  There is very little information available about what’s expected on the essay portion of the exam.  At the same time I’m enjoying the studying and I tell myself that no matter how well or poorly I do, I should be proud of my valiant effort and know that I definitely learned a heck of a lot even if it isn’t enough!

In efforts to prepare for the writing portion I’ve joined a journaling website called Lang-8.  It’s actually quite genius because it lets users of all languages write in the language they are studying.  Then on their homepage posts written by people who are studying their native tongue (for example on my page I see English posts) show up.  You edit posts other users have written in your native language, and they in turn edit yours.  It’s a quick and interactive way to get feedback and test out the new grammar I’ve been learning.

This is sort of rambly, but I wanted to update about what’s been up with me..

Registration for the TOPIK

I just registered for the TOPIK exam tonight, all by myself!  I thought I’d need a friend to help but it all worked out.

Something stupid about Safari– the website said I could only upload a .jpg file, but when I attempted to it would only accept ones with a .jpeg extension.  Once I selected the image (after changing the extension to .jpeg), the website then said “we can only accept images with a .jpg extension.”  I was getting so pissed!  Luckily I switched over to Firefox and it all worked fine.  What the hell Safari?  Or should I blame wacky Korean websites that only work on PC’s in Internet Explorer?

Anyway.  ‘Tis done!