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New paintings

Two paintings from this semester.  The first one was from a model.  The second one is the interior of a Seoul city bus no. 7737.  I spent a lot of time riding that bus back from Hongdae, alone, late at night.  It seems I’m very interested in commonly ignored public spaces!  I’m not yet finished with the bus painting.



Sauna painting – Progress

Here’s a little post about the progress I’m making in the painting I showed previously.  First I was laying down thick strokes to build up color diversity, and then I got a smaller, flat brush and am working on shaping and blending to make the image a bit more clear.  I thought it might be interesting to show my process.  On the next one I’ll make sure to start taking photos from the beginning!  This is just a detail of one of the figures mind you, not the entire painting.  I’ll let you know when it’s done!

Click to enlarge:

Printed t-shirts

One of the things I fooled around with this past semester was printing on fabric.  For this process I carved into 1/8″ thick MDF board in a floral pattern.  Afterward I sprayed several coats of lacquer to make sure it won’t deteriorate when I inked and cleaned the board with acetone.  One of the issues with printing on MDF is that it’s really soft and fibrous, and absorbs the ink– so it’s hard to get a clean print from it.  I printed on several sheets of fabric as well as some t-shirts for friends.  


Here’s one of the ones that turned out best, modeled by a lovely friend of mine.  I hope to take the printed fabric and sew it into a garment, so I’ll post some more pictures after that.  This kind of printing is pretty satisfying because you get to have a functional, tangible piece in the end.

Ideal cities 대표적인 시내

My intermediate drawing class just had its final critique today and we had to turn in a digital portfolio of our work throughout the semester.  One of the projects we did was to create an ideal city.  We could go pretty off base with it (which I did) and instead of doing something idea i decided to depict some aspects of cities that I think are interesting.  My idea was to show a city as being very maze-like and crowded but organized and structured in its own way.  My city is literally growing visible signs of disease but the people living in it are just living around it, building on top of the scars, both embracing and ignoring the problem.  You can tell I had some influence from my time abroad because 

most of the signs are in Korean and some of the things are inspired by Shinchon (the area near Yonsei).  Anyway, we were studying 2-point perspective at the time which I utilized in this drawing.  The drawing doesn’t seem complete to me but I think it’s worth showing.

이그림이 신촌에 조금 비슷한 굿이 있다. 큰 도시가 아파도 여러분이 계속 살고 있다.