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Shy Bana


Chicken pot-pie at a local “American Homestyle” restaurant in Shinsadong.  It is located a few blocks west of 가로수길 if you turn left at the Kate Spade store (you have to take another left, but you can spot the restaurant from the intersection).  The pot-pie was delicious, but it only had crust on top an was missing that soaked/baked crust part at the bottom that is so vital to my pot-pie experience.  I think it also had crab inside which was strange.  It was 14,000 won which I wasn’t reluctant to pay here in Korea, but I would have a better experience back in the states with a .99 cent frozen pot-pie.. if only we had a microwave, or even an oven!

They also have an amazing meatloaf which is the restaurant specialty.  It’s 28,000 won but don’t be fooled– it comes with cole slaw, corn salad, two rolls, and macaroni and cheese as well.  It’s worth the money and it’s certainly enough food for two people with the average appetite.  If you go, I definitely recommend the meatloaf.


We went out for Brazilian tonight at a place called 까르니두브라질 (Carne de Brazil) near exit 1 from Gangnam station.  For the full course it was about 35,000 won a person after tax but definitely worth it.  It was my first time at such a place but I was impressed and stuffed!  There were five courses of meat (four steak, one sausage), each prepared differently.  After you finish all of the courses you can order more of your favorite an unlimited number of times.  I could barely finish the five courses, but it was definitely worth it for someone like Tristan!  At the end they brought out roasted pineapple with cinnamon and some Brazilian coffee.  I don’t even like coffee and it was delicious, not to mention getting fruit in Seoul is quite a treat.  I definitely recommend this place!

Guinness Lounge

Guinness is an amazing beverage that I have not been able to properly enjoy since my family took me to Ireland a few summers ago.  A few weeks ago a Guiness Lounge has opened on the main street we cross on our way to work.  We passed it every day and one evening decided to stop in and see what a Guiness Store could possibly be all about, since there’s only one thing they sell.

As it turns out it’s purely a marketing scheme.  You enter and on one wall is a brief history of Guinness.  You play a game practicing pouring the perfect glass.  While you wait for the guinness to “surge,” you answer questions about the history you should have learned by reading the wall.  After that you step up and pour an actual glass yourself, and drink it for free.  Amazing!  There are stands with bright lights to set the glass on while it surges (that’s their term for the fizz going out, maybe it’s the official term but I’m not a serious drinker so I don’t know), and you can see just how thick and delicious the guinness is.

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Ways Today was Amazing

  • Went for a hike, it was gorgeous.
  • Got introduced to some traditional food at a very traditional restaurant.
  • Got introduced to really traditional Korean tea and customs.  Most expensive tea I’ve had in my life.
  • Found a pair of tennis shoes that fit!!!!
  • It’s still only Saturday!

Every once in a while we try to find a new restaurant (okay I try to do this every single day, but we are suckers for the reliability and affordability of routine), and today we had another winner.  I think there’s only been one time we were actually disappointed by what we found, but today was especially yummy so I want to share!

First the waiter brought out this hot plate with different sections for kimchi, sliced garlic cloves, and a bed of onions/bean sprouts in some oil and he lit the grill underneath.  We also ordered a tray of essentially kimchi fried rice and some sliced beef.  After the bean sprouts were nicely grilled they brought out the meat and set it on top of the sprouts to protect the meat from burning on the plate.

Basically you pick up some meat and sprouts and dip it in the array of sauces they provided, the best being a peanut sauce.  I think we were all kind of euphoric at the taste of peanut butter which I haven’t tasted in three months.  It isn’t like peanut butter isn’t available here, I just haven’t really sought it out (and it’s not in any Korean dishes).  Anyway, good stuff.