Job Train

This train is used to display the different jobs for students in the class as a job chart.  Each child moves up the train one space and the line leader moves to the back.  This worked great for me because the children can look forward to when it is their turn to have a job.  I’ve uploaded two printable PDF versions including links and clouds.  One has labels for the different leaders and one is blank so you can add your own job titles.

train chart

train chart no words

Template for Making a Clock

Materials needed:

  • paper plate
  • brass brad clips
  • gluesticks
  • holepunch

Print the page onto cardstock and have the children cut out all of the pieces.  Glue them onto a paper plate and use a butterfly clip to attach the hands through a hole in the center of the plate.  It’s a great exercise in dexterity with scissors and obviously makes a clock that they can use to begin reading time on an analog clock.

I teach 6-year-olds (that’s korean age– international age 5).  Most kids could do a decent job cutting out the shapes nicely.  I pre-poked holes through the paper plates before i have them to the kids and gave them some time to color on the plates with crayons.  I reminded them to cut out everything first, then wait so we could glue the numbers on together.  Kids who finished early helped others cut and put the paper trash in the recycle box while the other kids finished cutting their numbers.  While everyone was busy cutting I walked around with a hole punch and put a hole in all of their hands.

Then I had the students glue the 12, 6, 3 and 4 along with me.  After that I let them fill in the gaps by themselves and it went pretty well.

We’ve used brads for a few projects so most of them could figure out how to attach the hands on the clock by themselves.

From Korea to Ithaca