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Reductive printing

Right now I’m doing some experimentation with linoleum and reductive printing. What that means is I use one block, carve out (typically) the areas I want printed white and print in the lightest color. After I print as many as I want I carve away what I want to remain of that color, and then print in a darker color. You typically work from light to dark, but I might mess around with doing some oppositely with an opaque color on top.

I already finished one series which you may have seen in the gallery of prints, which is based off the photo I took of Haruka, 혜경 (Hyegyeong) and 미선 (Miseon) at Nami Island near Gapyeong, South Korea.  It was a moment I was really fortunate to catch on film, when they were walking down a hill behind me and the leaves turned out to be too slippery so they grabbed each-others hands. I don’t typically work from photographs but I wanted to focus on doing something in a variety of colors, to really muck around with some weird combinations and see if I got any unexpected successes.  I also didn’t want that time and paper to go to waste as just an experiment, so I did it as a gift.  Anyway, some of the monochromatic prints turned out nicely, though I thought they were a little obvious, and the other ones were more interesting.

Now I’m working on a couple of silly pieces where I don’t plan it out so meticulously.  I am trying to break out of my comfort zone where everything is super-precise and let the stages kind of develop on their own. As I get more done I’ll be sure to document the progress!     


I finally got all of the galleries up and running, with the exception of the misc. multimedia section. There are many pieces I have done recently that I want to add, but have yet to scan any current drawings. Nevertheless there is finally something in every section.

I also added lightbox to streamline the gallery and to prevent too much navigation confusion– now it’s all very neat and tidy.

first shopping experiences

I made some noble attempts to do some clothing shopping this week and figured out my Korean pant and shoe sizes.  Both of them are really difficult to find and are also uncertain.  The maximum for pants is usually 30, and for shoes 250.  If you find anything in those sizes they’re usually some hideous and cheaply produced style because they don’t want to waste resources on the nicer designs if nobody’s going to buy them.

The sizes don’t always mean consistency, either. One pair of 30 pants can be too tiny and another way too large, and most places don’t let you try on their clothes.  I re-visited Namdaemun market after I had done some traveling around and realized that other districts are selling the same things in their fancy stores for double or triple the prices (sometimes even more), so I went back there and bought some jeans for ten dollars!! Some stuff is so affordable here.  

I haven’t had the confidence to ask random people on the street and subway whether or not I can take their picture when I see remarkable fashion so I’m not ready to try and describe fashion inSeoul.  Women are all extremely fashionable even if there is a range of style and most if it is easy to swallow because it has such a Western/European influence.  
Men’s fashion is a whole new story though and when I try to imagine any guy in the US wearing the things guys wear here, they’d truly stand out.  It makes no difference here of course.  The clothing is frequently very feminine in style and color and you see couples all over the place and think from behind that it’s two girls walking together, but it’s not the case.  You know how your mind kind of categorizes people subconsciously and when someone breaks your expectations your brain gets jarred a little bit?  Anyway sometime I will try to get some pictures and explain what I’m talking about.


Job Train

This train is used to display the different jobs for students in the class as a job chart.  Each child moves up the train one space and the line leader moves to the back.  This worked great for me because the children can look forward to when it is their turn to have a job.  I’ve uploaded two printable PDF versions including links and clouds.  One has labels for the different leaders and one is blank so you can add your own job titles.

train chart

train chart no words