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Apgujeong 압구정

This afternoon it reached 50 degrees (Fahrenheit).  It’s amazing how the weather can totally turn your mood around and make the neighborhood seem amazing.  There were so many people out today and the shops seemed more alive.  I took some pictures of the street by our apartment so that you can get a feel for the atmosphere:

After furniture shopping we ventured out to the movie theatre to reserve some tickets, and then took a walk around a part of our area that we hadn’t explored yet.  I wanted to see the Han River in person so we took a walk up north and walked halfway across the bridge.

Dongdaemun (동대문) – one of the great ancient gates still left in Seoul, and also the site of amazing shopping/haggling.  Near the gate is the famous man-made stream Cheonggyecheon (청계천), which is a horrible looking word in roman letters.