About Mary

A bit of background:cropped-DSC09921.jpg

Born and raised in North Carolina, I grew up loving to read, draw, and spend time outdoors.  After years of drawing illustrations and reading comic books I decided to study studio art at UNC Chapel Hill where I got a degree in painting and illustration, and met my wonderful future husband.  It wasn’t until after graduation that we realized how useless this major was (he studied the same thing)– and that we weren’t interested in doing art for a living, anyway.  It tends to suck the joy out of the activity.
Soon after graduation we got married and moved to Seoul, South Korea.  There I developed a love for teaching ESL while studying Korean Language.  We enjoyed many adventures with hagwon life, and life abroad.  After three years we quit the hagwon life and took an amazing trip around SE Asia.  It did wonders for inspiring a love of travel in me.  Now we have returned to the US, although I continue studying Korean in the hopes of one day pursuing translation.

These days:

While my husband attends graduate school I am self-employed doing photo retouching, primarily school senior portraits.  I get to enjoy the perks of working at home, which include waking up whenever I want, wearing pajama pants to work, taking breaks to watch my hamster, and listening to audiobooks and podcasts all day.
I have grand plans of mastering Korean, learning 3 other languages, and taking long trips abroad at least once a year.  I don’t do a lot of drawing these days, but hopefully that will change during slow times with work.  I hope to keep you posted with something interested now and then.


From Korea to Ithaca