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Illustrations in ballpoint pen


Character illustrations

While I am capable of doing realistic portraits I also do stylized drawings when I create illustrations.




Figure drawings


Graphite on paperGraphite on paperPencil and chalk on grey paper 2011



reductive printing – here is an example of each fun in a 5-run series. you can see the process of reductive printing where I cut away linoleum from each run and print it in a new layer of color.  This is a drawing of a a foreigner in the women’s bath at a Korean public bath/sauna (찜질방). The print is 9″x12″ linoleum cut.






Original Works

My paintings tend to embody in one way or another disgusting organic elements coupled with attractive landscapes. I like creating something beautiful or acceptable on the surface, without much chaotic movement or confrontation, coupled with things that aren’t typically viewed as beautiful. My paintings tend to take on a fantasy-esque surreal look with semi-realistic rendering.  I translate my obsession with the human form and organic elements into surreal spaces that invite the viewer to approach the more disgusting sides of the body.


Digital Illustration




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