73 Words

That’s how many new Korean words I learned this week.  That’s right, I got my exam results back from the TOPIK test and I got a 3 out of 4.  That means I’m a certified intermediate speaker, but it isn’t the score I was hoping for.  I know I’m not at that level yet though so I’m resuming my studying again.  One of the Korean teachers at school has agreed to meet with me and help me with writing and speaking (the two parts I can’t do on my own) and so here I am studying again!

I’ve bought a couple of essay writing books (called 논술 books) where I read a short story or article and then answer some questions and give my opinions.  I was studying from a 1st grade book before which already had a challenging number of unfamiliar words but I decided to really bump it up and am studying 5th grade readings now.  The kind of vocabulary is a lot more advanced but I think it’s better to start there and then just fill in the gaps of my knowledge as I go.

I also decided that I need to set some goals for myself which will help me work toward something and hopefully keep me motivated.  Here are my goals for 2012:

Korean studying goals:

  • Get 4 points on the TOPIK exam (take the test in summer or fall)
  • Learn 10 new words every day
  • Finish my 3 눈술 books
  • Finish 3 Korean novels (just started Paradise by Bernard Werber)
  • Improve my Korean to the point that I can read Korean job websites
Other goals:
  • Improve my BMR by adding muscle mass (lifting weights at home, daily walks)
  • Draw at least 3 times a week
  • Take up a new hobby