Shapes and Sides

Other materials needed:

  • The Shapes and Sides game board
  • 1 dice
  • game pieces to mark spaces (around 10 for each player, of different colors– buttons, colored pieces of paper and coins work well)

I made this game-board to use in my math class.  We are learning about various shapes, their names, and beginning to talk about them and their shapes.  This game focuses on the number of sides each shape has and gets the kids talking.

To play the game each player has a handfull of pieces to mark spaces (squares of paper, colored buttons, coins, etc.).  Each player rolls the dice and places their marker on a space with a shape that matches the number of sides to the number rolled on the dice.  The exception is when the number 2 is rolled, in which case they forfeit a turn (or re-roll, depending on how sensitive your students are).  If they roll a number and there are no more uncovered matching shapes, they lose that turn.  The game ends when the board is full and the winner is the person with the most spaces marked.  The game works best with 2 or three children, so print out a few boards if you want to do it with a large class.

Warm Up:

In an ESL classroom it helps to demonstrate how to play the game first and get some dialogue going with the kids.  Roll the dice, have them tell you the number, and them have them tell you what shapes have that number of sides.  Talk about sides and corners and how they are usually the same number except for circles.  Talk about round and sharp shapes.  Make a rule when playing games where the kids need to name the shapes as they choose and mark them to keep them speaking as the play.