Halloween (but not)

I’m feeling loads better this week.  The medication is working!  I still have some symptoms but they are ever-so-slight, and I have my energy back at work.  It really makes an amazingly huge difference in how invested I am in the lesson that day, and my level of investment makes a huge difference in how satisfying the work day feels.  It’s good to be back.

In other news, Halloween came and went without any bang.  Compared to three years ago there are a lot more jack-o-lanterns decorating the walls of cafes and shops, but nobody was actually walking around in a costume or asking for candy.  There are definitely halloween parties in the city if you know where to go, but you know I’m not the kind of person to go to a party like that.  Nothing like going to a party back home with your parents and other family friends!  Instead, because halloween was on Monday, we had our second movie night with the Apgujeong English teachers and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas.  It was perfect for getting us in the mood to start anticipating Christmas :)

I also finished A Feast for Crows (book four in the Song of Ice and Fire series) and immediately bought the next one.  It’s going to be so painful having to wait for the (potentially) last two books in the series seeing as the gap between four and five was 6 years…  Now I’m beginning to regret getting so invested in a series!  Nothing can fill the void, except maybe revisiting good ol’ Harry again…

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