This will just be a quick summary as it’s been a while since I’ve really updated.

I completed my TOPIK exam two weeks ago and it went better than expected.  I probably won’t get the top score but I will probably pass.  It seems like the tests are hit or miss- they either have questions on topics I’ve studied or they have questions on topics that I haven’t studied.  I got lucky with this one though the time limit is pretty strict so I ran out of time on the reading portion of the test.  I believe the scores will be available sometime in December.  I can update more on the subject at that time.

Tristan’s mom is here visiting!  It’s been two weeks so far and it’s been a blast.  Our time together is pretty low key although she is going out and adventuring on her own while we are busy at work.  Tonight she was able to join us for the company dinner, and we are also going hiking tomorrow at Dobongsan with some of the administrators from our school.  I’m really excited!

We have enjoyed exposing Tristan’s mom to Game of Thrones as well.  We watched an episode every night and she’s cursing the fact that the second season isn’t made yet.  Tristan and I are reading the book series on the Kindle religiously every free moment we have.

School is going well, I love my kids more and more and I enjoy my job more and more.  Most of my time outside of work is spent coming up with some curriculum that I think will be effective or exciting for the kids, and I actually enjoy thinking about these things.  I just wish I had more time at work to actually follow through or implement these things.  Maybe there’s next year?  We are definitely thinking more seriously about next year.

Fall came quickly and the weather has turned brisk and beautiful.  This season fills me with so many good feelings and cheers me up so much.  Although none of the holidays associated with it are celebrated here, I am sure Tristan and I will find a way to keep a piece of those traditions alive in our home.

Last but not least, my sister and her husband finally made the move to Okinawa!  I have yet to even catch them on Skype, but I hope this means many visits are in our future, and we should be booking our tickets for Christmas vacation soon.

I hope all is well and all is warm! Take care until next time.