Practice Test

I took a practice test today, one from a few years ago that I could download off of the TOPIK site. I’ve taken practice tests before that left me feeling hopeful, but this left me feeling like I’ve actually regressed, like someone tricked me into thinking I’ve been learning Korean all this time but actually it was just a randomized jumble of words. It was HARD. I barely scraped over 50% on the grammar and writing sections (but I need an average of over 70% on all of the sections to pass; no way!!!). In the past, on other practice exams, I got around 70% for everything.

I feel like I’ve learned so much the last few months. I can read novels now! I can understand movies! I can conduct friendships in Korean! I’ve studied my ass off and yet it doesn’t actually show on the test. It’s not all been in vain, of course, but it will be pretty disappointing to have to wait around for the next testing period if I fail this one.

Anyway, I’m feeling really discouraged tonight.