It feels like Thursday

This week is going by so slowly.

This month all of our afterschool classes have been changed around to accomodate new students and adjust for ability level, so I’ve got a handful of new students in a couple of my classes.  The one that used to be my biggest challenge is much better now– I got 3 top students now who are all hard working, clever, and brilliant.  Two of the boys are a bit disruptive but at least they do their work and understand everything.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I stay 2.5 extra hours for overtime to teach a class, and that class has gotten much more complicated.  In the beginning it was only two students!  They both wanted to be there, always did their homework, and improved so quickly.  Now I’ve got 6 other students who are all a mess.  One is in the 4th grade and feels like he needs to prove himself to everyone, another doesn’t know the difference between capital letters and lowercase letters and can’t make a sentence to save his life.  One girl tries so hard but everything she says just comes out gibberish (she knows nothing about grammar), and one girl only comes on Tuesdays so she is always lost and confused and sometimes downright hostile when she feels like the class is moving too fast.  On top of it half of them show up late so I’m always having to re-explain everything whenever another one shows up.  It’s a mess and I wish I could stop teaching that class, but then it sure is nice having an extra 120,000 won each week…

The thing is I love these students, but they all have their own needs that I just don’t have time to address.  To make it worse the ones who need help are the ones who never do any homework outside of class so even if I prepared extra study materials for them they would never do it.

Anyway, countdown: 19 days until the exam

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  1. … and that is exactly why they are ones who seem to need the extra help, because they don’t help themselves (by studying) …

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