Officially NC Residents

After a week of apartment hunting and arrangements, T and I finally found a place! Since coming back to North Carolina two weeks ago we’ve been meeting up and spending time with friends and relatives. But this week it was time to make the big move to our new place.

On Sunday we drove down to T’s parents’ house in Charlotte where we visited and spent the night. Monday morning we rented a 17′ Uhaul truck and, with my in-laws’ help, loaded up a lot of the furniture they have been keeping for us. Some of it was so huge that we just wouldn’t have space for it in our apartment– I found myself thinking I’d hate to move into this huge new apartment and fill it with so much furniture that it felt small! So we ended up with a dresser, some nightstands, a sofa, dining room table and chairs. It filled a large portion of the truck.

T drove the truck up to Raleigh where we put in all of the things we have been keeping at my parents’ house. It’s crazy how much stuff we have when you add all of the things we left there while living in Korea! There are a lot of extra books I’d forgotten about, and all of our wedding china. It’s pretty nice china but I want to make use of it. I’ll have to plan some fancy dinners at our place in the near future.

Anyway, Mom and Dad helped tremendously on this end loading and then unloading things into the new apartment. Thankfully this place has an elevator which made the process a lot less painful. Some of the furniture was a tight squeeze but with some finagling it all fit in the elevator somehow. I am sure we’ve made a terrible first impression on the downstairs neighbors, but hopefully we’ll make it up to them by being quiet people the rest of the year!

We spent the last two days unpacking everything and arranging things. T’s mom even drove up to see the new place and help us settle in. It’s a very nice feeling to be in our new place, and we are full of hope and excitement about what this next year will bring. Lots of time with family, and friends, and new places to explore. And lots of potential for our business, which we can finally start working on now that our office space is set up! As work is slow in the summer I am continuing to teach English online a few times a week. Every time I think I should quit it, I teach another lesson and have such fun, and end up committing to more future lessons. Once my regular job picks up again I’ll have to decide what to do. I have some students that I really love talking to, and I hate to let them down by quitting the website. But we’ll see.

Pictures to come in a few days once the place looks presentable!