I haven’t been writing much on here lately because whenever I have free time I’ve dedicated it elsewhere. I’ve been working on my Naver blog, which is my Korean blog. I suspect if you plug the text into google translate it will make no sense, so I apologize for that! So instead of making you do that I’ll try to summarize what I’ve written about lately.

– T and I have really been enjoying Better Call Saul, the spin-off show that’s come out after Breaking Bad. I’m a huge fan of the writing, directing, and amazing acting of the main characters. Unfortunately the second season is airing right now, so it’ll be a while before I can see more on Netflix!

phlebotomy2– I have to get my blood drawn regularly. It’s always a huge hassle for me because my veins are apparently super tiny and difficult to find. There’s one woman who works at the school clinic who gets me on the first try EVERY time– she’s amazing and I always ask for her, and I don’t know what I’ll do when we have to move! But anyway, there was a whole ordeal last week because she was on vacation and nobody was able to successfully draw my blood. Just when I think I’m getting over my needle phobia, someone comes and pokes a million holes in my arms and traumatizes me all over again, hah! I’m waiting until she comes back before trying again.


– I write on that blog for homework. Every week there’s a theme for the chapter I’m learning in my Korean lessons. This past week we talked about different forms of media, and I had to write about the first Korean media I was exposed to. For me it was a soap opera called “Let’s go to school, Sangdoo”. I’ll fully admit that it’s because of that show I eventually learned Korean! You may know the main character from the show, who later became Korean pop star/singer Rain. I actually think he’s a fantastic comedy actor, and although his music is fun I love his movies and TV shows more. It’s too bad all of his attempts to break into the American/English-speaking movie scene have been tremendous failures. The guy just can’t speak English, and they always put him in these bad guy ninja roles, which is pretty stupid casting for a prettyboy comedian actor.