Time in the Kitchen

Ever since returning from Magfest I haven’t had much to write about due to massive quantities of work! I actually love having an excess of work because I know exactly what to do when I get up in the morning, but I’ve made┬ásome time for other activities, too.

Last week was the Joint Ventures book club meeting. Everyone read The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton which was my suggestion. It was quite long compared to what we normally read, so only about half of the group actually made it to the end. I was pleased that most people enjoyed it thoroughly once they finished it, and the conversation was enthusiastic enough that those who hadn’t read until the end were excited to finish it later. I’m really in love with this author, and I was really eager┬áto have the chance to share her work with other people, and hopefully get her some new fans. I’d been dying to talk about the book.

I’ve also been doing a little bit of cooking, having been inspired by the Michael Pollan Netflix miniseries “Cooked” as well as some other cooking programs. Although I haven’t dazzled Tristan with newly developed cooking abilities, there’s been a huge transformation in our kitchen over the past couple of weeks. These days the freezer is nearly empty and the fridge is jam packed– it’s usually been the other way around! I’m reminded of when we lived in Korea and frozen food was practically non-existent. Except we just didn’t cook then.. but it has been fun to be more involved in the preparation of foods, and it’s had a marked impact on my diet, especially snacking. If you tell yourself you’ll only snack on things you’ve made, the interest in snacking fades away!

English lessons are also going well. My discount period has ended and I no longer offer free trial lessons, so I’ve not got nearly as many lessons booked, but those I do have have become repeat customers. I’m enjoying getting to know a variety of interesting people. One of my students is nine years old, but I’m pretty sure her English (and passion for studying it!) surpasses my other adult students! I thought I’d be teaching more Koreans, but I think there just aren’t many Korean users on that website. It turns out to not be a problem as my students are all intermediate or advanced, so there are no communication problems.

That’s it for now… I’m off to ABQ for a few days, and am excited to see my sister, brother-in-law, and two adorable nephews, as well as a change of scenery!