Perfect Day

Tristan and I had the perfect day yesterday!  We made a resolution to go to Caribbean Bay this Saturday, no matter how much we wanted to sleep in or if it threatened to rain.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s the world’s largest water park.  We ended up sleeping in a tiny bit… but it didn’t end up affecting our experience.  We arrived at around 10am and the crowd was big but not overwhelming.  We got to ride every ride in the park and the weather was absolutely perfect!  It’s a fantastic water park and is so well organized and put  together.  To top it all off Tristan brought along his new waterproof GoPro, a tiny HD video camera.  We got some awesome footage of us on water slides.  As soon as Tristan learns how to edit some video footage, I’ll be sure to share the results with you!

After we had our fill at the water park, we went next door to Everland, which is free with a Caribbean Bay ticket!  It was a pretty action-packed day.  Then we headed home, ate delicious tuna melts from Hungry Dog, and fell asleep watching Supernatural.  A perfect end to the day.