Busy Busy Bumblebees…

Can you say your name for me?

That’s the song we sing when new students come to learn their names.

So far so good this week.  I haven’t been as prepared for classes as usual (though I doubt anyone would notice but me) this week because of the holiday last week.  We had last Thursday off, and Thursday is the only day I get some good planning period time in.  But things have been going just fine.  Only two of the new students have come to stay and I am pretty pleased with their behavior and abilities for the time being.  They’re two boys, and they’re only here for the summer months.  A more permanent student is waiting to join us in a few weeks.

I had two other trial students come in but they aren’t permanent students yet.  If their parents decide to let them in, they will join for the rest of the year, but I don’t know what’s going to happen yet.  Neither of them understand any English nor can they read or write.  The rest of the class is way beyond that, but I have to keep in mind that my whole class was at the same point only 3 months ago.  If their parents don’t mind them floundering for a bit, they’ll catch up.  It’s not up to me whether they come or not, so I’ll just make the most of whatever situation arises.

This week is super busy because of report cards, too.  We have to write individual comments for all of the students we teach (around 50).  Luckily I got started a couple of weeks ago, but that’s eating up all of my planning time at work too….

Lately I feel like I’ve got more free time at home, and yet I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing all the things I want to.

  • relaxing
  • learning Chinese characters (about 20 per week)
  • reading 1984 in Korean
  • learning new vocabulary (around 100 per week)
  • studying math for the GRE
  • translating articles for Ilda
  • drawing
  • painting
  • writing
  • reading in English
  • exercising
The further you get down that list the less likely it is I’m doing it.  I’m fantasizing about being a student again, only going to school a few hours a day and having a justification for reading and studying.