Sorry about the silence

Hello, it’s been a while since I posted last.  Things are pretty busy here– school is its own task, and I have been doing a lot of things outside of work that have kept me away from the computer most days.  Recently I decided it wouldn’t be a bad thing to refresh my skills with math and English in case I want to take the GRE sometime soon.  I’ve also been focusing on other studies (Chinese characters) and simultaneously trying to keep up with my goal of reading 36 books this year.  It’s been keeping me busy to say the least.

Last week we celebrated the first birthday in my class.  In the last two weeks my students have really impressed me with how much English they are speaking.  They seem so eager to show off their skills to me, and they never speak Korean when speaking to me anymore.  Every student in my class can form basic sentences and knows enough vocabulary to feel like they can try to communicate, and their vocabulary just grows and grows.  As far as English acquisition, this is my most impressive class with how quickly they’ve learned.  They continue to be enthusiastic about school and still maintain their silliness and creative side.  I’m pretty pleased with my class!

On Thursday we went on our first picnic this year to Olympic Park.  My class spent the whole time talking about things they could see.  Last week we learned words for things in nature, as well as the sentence pattern “I can see a ____” or “I can see some ____s.”  They used the heck out of it yesterday and really amazed me with how much English they can use now.  The more they learn the easier it gets to teach, and I never have to speak Korean anymore.

This weekend I’m not doing my usual relaxing– I’m off to Jeonju for a conference on feminist issues.  I have no idea what to expect at all, so I’ll have to let you know when I return!  Hope you are all well.

P.s. I noticed that most of the kindergarten blogs I read are all ending because the school year is over in the states, and I’m super jealous about not have any kind of summer vacation and about being so far away from the end of a school year!

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