Spring Festival

I really wish I had pictures to show, but I was so freaking busy all day that I never would have had time to take any.

Today was our Spring Festival!  We have been preparing for the last two weeks.  I haven’t really stressed out about it because I picked a chapel song for my class to perform.  That meant that they already knew all of the lyrics and kind of new the dance moves, so we just had to practice a little bit to make sure they were coordinated.  Sure everyone wasn’t going the same direction when we practiced, but they were having fun and it was still cute.  So I wasn’t very worried.

Today the big day came.  In the morning half of the classes came (not including mine) and the whole festival went over well.  There wasn’t enough time, but it seemed like the parents were really involved this year.  I was pleased to see a lot of fathers and siblings coming out, and they all participated in the events.  My event was “Photo Zone” which meant I just took polaroid photos of everyone who passed by.  I kept surprisingly busy the whole time.  It was really fun to see my students from last year perform (actually their rehearsal brought me to tears yesterday, they were so sweet…) and see their parents too.

The festival in the morning ran over so we barely had time to scarf down some really bizarre ham/cheese/mashed potato sandwiches that the school prepared for us before the afternoon group arrived!  Slowly my students trickled in and were full of wild energy and excitement.  They were so eager to do the festival so we tried to get them to settle down a little before the show, and gave them lots of tips about how to do well.

They did great!  They all sang loudly, they all danced in the same direction, and best of all the all had huge grins on their faces the whole time.  The principal announced that they were a new class, as if to explain why they weren’t very good, but they were fantastic.  I couldn’t have asked for more.  I hope the parents were really pleased.  After that the afternoon was a huge blur.  I didn’t get to see what was going on in the rest of the festival but all of the other teachers said it went well.

Finally it ended… but then our elementary students arrived.  We had to teach one class but then the second two classes were another festival!  I am pretty festivaled out and my feet are absolutely killing me.  I sure am glad it’s Friday so I can sit down for a long, long time!!!