Teaching By Themes

One thing my head teacher has made more of an effort to do this year is to get our curriculum coordinated onto themes. This month’s theme was spring, growth, and specifically flowers.  I have really enjoyed this month so much!  I mentioned that we planted seeds a few weeks ago, and we have been watching them sprout and grow in the classroom.

In science class today we talked about the parts of a flower today and the school ordered me some really fancy pink lilies for the lesson.  The whole wing of the school was filled with a beautiful scent all day, and the kids were really amazed to see and touch and dissect the flowers.  They got to take pollen from one flower and touch the stigma of another, and we talked about pollination and the life cycle of plants.  I think only 10% of the kids truly grasped the concept, the others at least got to touch and see, and next year when they learn about it again in science class they will have a better foundation.  It was a really great lesson.

The kids have been bringing in show-and-tell all about spring, and one girl has been taking a photo of her plant’s growth at home every day and bringing it in to share.  We also bring spring into our art projects.  We made a flower picture frame with the student’s faces this week, and next week we will be using cut paper to make flower collages with different parts of the flower we’ve learned about.

I am finding a lot of positive points about this school year, and I feel very confident that our curriculum in the 6-year-old classes has really improved.  On Wednesday one class wrote a whole sentence on their own as I dictated it.  I can’t even emphasize how amazing that is.  Usually they aren’t doing that until the end of the year, but we have been working so hard on letter formation and talking about parts of a sentence (spacing between words, capitalization, punctuation etc.).  It’s really making a difference, which makes me feel like a great teacher.  All 4 of us teachers are working together to drill in the same concepts in our different classes, and it is working well.