Progress and Publishing

The week gets better and better.  I just finished Thursday and I haven’t had a single energy drink all week, yet I’m not nearly as exhausted as last week!

My kids have impressed me with how quickly they are picking up new words and just following along with class routine.  They are getting friendlier with each other and the atmosphere in my class is very positive and playful now.  That’s how I like it.  Today we had Show and Tell and two kids prepared something.  I was surprised that they stood in front of the class alright, and one boy memorized a script and spoke very loudly and clearly.  Way more than I expected!  The other student brought cookies to share with everyone, so even though she didn’t speak much, she bribed everyone with sweets.  A good tactic.

I taught our new montessori/geography class today which went over better than expected.  My own class actually understood what I was talking about.  I am really glad I understand Korean because I know when they’re on the right page, and I can teach them the corresponding English, and there’s little confusion.  This year is going MUCH better than my first year when I was in the same situation.  I think understand 99.9% of what’s said, which helps me not feel left out.  And I think the kids trust me too since they can talk to me about important stuff.

I feel really good today, and I feel more determined than ever to make my class the best!  I know it’s not a competition, but that’s how I get myself psyched up every year to stay a motivated and well-prepared teacher.  I will do my best.

In other fantastic news, my first translation is available online now!  Check it out:

Unraveling Memories Hidden for 25 Years <Ilda>