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I have been reading this website called ILDA for a few weeks now.  It’s a Korean feminism journal with a blog featuring all kinds of articles and news stories that are about women and written by women.  There’s a section of the website that is all English translations, which you can check out here:


Anyway, I noticed they are asking for volunteer translators so I decided to shoot them an email.  I was pretty honest about my abilities, so I was really skeptical that they’d write back positively, especially since they are looking for people with degrees in translation.  But they wrote me back a really warm and welcoming email, and now I am officially doing translation work!  It’s only going to be light at first, but I’m excited about the challenge, and the opportunity, and the experience.  It’s one thing to read the articles and understand them, and it’s an entirely different challenge to translate that into sensible sentences that properly reflect the intended message.

I’m working on a series called “I Want to Throw Flowers”; it’s a 30-part-series written by a woman who experienced sexual violence when she was young.  It’s been a real challenge translating the first article, but I know it will get easier as I go.  And it feels like important work too, giving the author’s voice the chance to be read by a larger audience.  After my first translation is available I will let you know.  It will probably take a while, anyway.

I am really excited to have a reason to push myself, and also to be involved in something really worthwhile.  I feel all tingly with excitement, that I’ve found something meaningful to do with my time outside of work.

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