Tim Burton in Seoul

Tim Burton at Seoul Museum of Art

Okay, so I didn’t actually get to meet the man, but an exhibit of his work has come to Seoul and Tristan and I finally went to check it out at the Seoul Museum of Art on Saturday.  My recommendation?  Go during the week, or get there early in the morning, because it was packed!  People in this city really appreciate their artists.  We bought tickets for 12,000 won outside and then had to pull numbers to wait to go into the exhibit.  Once inside there were hundreds of works to see.

This is the one we bought a print of

The gallery split up his work into three sections showing the development of his work through different periods of his life (pre-professional, professional, personal works).  I was very impressed by everything he did for himself, particularly ink drawings.  I enjoyed seeing his projects for art school because you could see there was no interest and the quality seriously went down… sound familiar?  It was fun to see his take on so many of the kinds of projects I had to do myself.  And there was so much to see!  There was a huge gallery dedicated to the sculptures and props from his films, too.  My favorite part was seeing Jack Skellington’s wire frame under his costume, and there was an array of Jack Skellington heads all with different facial expressions.  I could have done with more Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, and I was surprised to find how many films I didn’t realize he’d worked on.  There was a lot to see and so many different mediums that he’s worked with.  There were drawings, paintings, sculptures, writing, and even screenings for his independent films (and famous ones too).  It was worth every penny and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  Afterward we even bought a print :)

Usually I leave these things feeling pretty discouraged, but I actually felt really motivated afterward.  His strength isn’t his drawing ability so much as his creativity and his persistance creating works.  He just continues to make art in massive quantities.  Now I just need to start creating work again!

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