To Okinawa and Back

The trip to Okinawa this past weekend was fantastic.  I was lucky enough to get a couple of days off to stay for a long weekend.  It was just so nice to have the family all together and be in each other’s company.  We didn’t do a lot of touristy stuff since I already visited last year and did a lot of those things.  Mostly we ate good food and spent time together.

On Friday my sister took us to get pedicures.  It was my first time ever getting one, and it was the whole works– massage and nail art too.  It was a great treat.  On Saturday we celebrated a late Christmas, and on Sunday we went to the cherry blossom festival.  I got to eat some fantastic sushi as well as some home cooking which was all that I wanted!

When I came back my students were so excited to see me, which felt great.  I prepared a short powerpoint with pictures from my trip and used it as an opportunity to teach them about Japan and Okinawa.  I also brought some candy and treats for them which made them even more excited about the whole thing.  To top it off I also brought them a new book from an illustrator/author I loved growing up: Graeme Base.  His illustrations are rich with things for kids to explore and investigate, so they haven’t put the book down once since I brought it.  Now they’re crazy about Japan– success!