Catching Up

I just ended another decent week at work.  There were good things and bad, but mostly there were a lot of positives with the students that made it all worthwhile.  I’ve been introducing a lot of new activities and stimulation for my students to use during free time.  There’s not enough of that time, but I feel that it’s just as, if not more valuable, than class time!  Kids need some time to self-direct.

Some kids surprised me this week with their speaking.  Some surprised me with their amazing ability to add numbers that came out of nowhere.  Some surprised me with their creative ideas.  All in all, it was a very worthwhile week.

I apologize for not updating much recently.  I made a goal at the beginning of this year to read 24 books in 2012, so two a month.  A couple of weeks ago I saw I was only at 15, so I have been putting in a lot of quality time with my Kindle to help remedy that.  Now I’m up to 20, and I can definitely pull that off by the end of the year.  But what I’m realizing is that I could have read a lot more this year– at least one book a week, if I really wanted to.  Sometimes I read books in Korean which is a lot more slow-going, though.  According to, I have now read 6454 pages this year!  Not counting all of the books I have to read at school with my students :P

This weekend we haven’t got anything special planned so I’m just going to get a lot of lesson planning done and get it out of the way and off my mind.  I hope everyone is warm and well.  I’ll try and post something with pictures this weekend.