A Great Day

  • I finally discovered what has been ruining my life by giving me a rash– eggs!  I am so glad to have discovered what it is so I can cut it out and suffer no more.  I was really at my wit’s end trying different soaps, wearing different fabrics, showering obsessively.  You may not fully understand what a huge relief it is to know the cause.
  • Somebody got a promotion today!  I will elaborate more after it’s all been fully announced.  This is what I have been waiting for folks; it’s all paid off after all.  Hopefully there will only be sunshine and rainbows from here on out.
  • We made volcanos in science class today.  It’s funny how lessons that you create yourself always go better and are more enjoyable.  I actually felt like the kids learned something and were enthusiastic today!


2 thoughts on “A Great Day”

  1. Holy cow, and all those eggs we were making when we were there. Sheesh, sorry about that! But anyway, I’m glad the dietary changes and experiments have paid off and you have narrowed this down to a single item, mostly easy to avoid. Yeah, congratulations! And on the promotion too … looking forward to hearing all about it!

    1. I think I have no problem with eggs in small quantities, but I was having 3-4 for breakfast and throughout the day each day! I am glad I narrowed it down too but now it’s going to be VERY difficult to afford to eat paleo. I’ve already fallen off the wagon this week because someone brought the most amazing chocolate cake for a birthday and I can’t say no to something I’ve been searching for for over a year… haha! I hope we can talk this weekend, love you!

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