Life is Good

I’ve got to say, things are going pretty well.  Although nothing is going according to plan (aka what I had envisioned at the beginning of this year) I am just going about my daily business fairly relaxed.

School is going well.  My students are becoming a little more rambunctious and I need to get that under control, but they are all still so sweet and bright.  I have just been relaxed with them and not been my usual Officer Mary that they are used to drilling them into submission.  They are already beginning to make sentences and I will drill it into them by the end of the year!  I want at least half of my students to answer questions with complete sentences by next February.  I have yet to meet at 7-year-old who answers a question with more than one word, and I want to put an end to that bad trend.

Report cards are due this week.  They are pretty tedious and time-consuming but I managed to knock them out of the way early.  I also made a go-fish type phonics game.  There are pairs of cards– one card has just a picture and the other has the corresponding three letter word (all simple short vowel words).  We had our late meeting today and the other 6-year teachers sat around and played with me.  I think it can be a successful game with 4 or more people.  I like to trick the kids into learning by making games like that.

The weather is also improving a lot (it’s quite hot during the day but not humid yet) which I hope to take advantage of as much as possible.  My family visiting reminded me of how much is accessible and that I have no excuse for being so lazy.  I hope there will be a lot of hiking and exploring in my near future!