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2013 Classroom

Orientation has ended now and I’m ready for classes on Monday!  The classroom is mostly decorated and arranged, though that will develop as the year goes on and kids help create things to put around the class.  I had to move into a new room this year, but I brought a lot of stuff with me so I feel at home after a good cleaning and change of decoration.  I feel really good about this school year and am really pleased with my subject assignments as well as co-teacher.  I think we will get along great.

The lower board — the students sit facing this board for circle time.

Another view of the same board looking further into the class, you can see what the whole wall looks like from here.  We have good light in this room.

Here is the main white board that I use when I teach at the desks.  This area isn’t finished yet– I want to improve the daily schedule a lot.

The window– you can see my view is pretty bad this year.  No trees to look out at and talk about the changing seasons, and lots of street sounds while I teach.  I can hear every conversation people have as they walk by.

The back of the classroom– you can see the empty cubbies and the walls are pretty bare and ready for student artwork.

Teacher’s desk– you can see we’ve barely got this set up (and toy bins are knocked over as they dry).  I need to get some artwork up there!

My new co-teacher, Gracey, and me!



Job Train

This train is used to display the different jobs for students in the class as a job chart.  Each child moves up the train one space and the line leader moves to the back.  This worked great for me because the children can look forward to when it is their turn to have a job.  I’ve uploaded two printable PDF versions including links and clouds.  One has labels for the different leaders and one is blank so you can add your own job titles.

train chart

train chart no words