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Tristan and I just got back from seeing Prometheus.  I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to, and I know that Alien fans will really enjoy it.  The art direction was good and although the storyline was predictable I still liked it a lot.  I wouldn’t recommend seeing it after dark, though!

This has been a good week.  Things are pretty relaxed and I’ve been doing a lot of reading, cooking, and relaxing.  That’s pretty much my plan for the weekend, too!

My respiratory problems have continued to annoy me and I’m just fed up with it, so I’m going all in to try and find a solution.  I may not write about it much but ever since I got pneumonia last fall I’ve had a continual cough that never goes away.  I’m sure it’s this smoggy city, but this is where I live so I have to deal with it.  I got a prescription for a nasal spray and I’ve decided to seriously start the paleo diet my sister and brother-in-law introduced me to.  So far it’s been a week with not much result, though I can say my energy level has been better/more consistant.  Reading the book The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf is making me feel hopeful that it might help with a variety of minor issues I have as well, which would be nice.  We shall see.


AKA company dinner:

Tonight we had our first whole-company dinner.  We went to this amazingly fabulous seafood buffet that is probably more expensive than I can imagine.  There were so many kinds of sushi and seafood but tons of non-seafood as well.  There was a cheese table, tons of veggies and meats and nuts and fruits and amazing desserts.  I have been really working hard to control my diet these past few weeks but I had to break it tonight.  Not only was it great to eat at such a nice restaurant, but it is so important for us to all get together and really feel like we are a community of people doing something besides the everyday grind.  It really makes the employees feel appreciated.

Afterward we were invited by a student’s mom to a rooftop party in Gwanghwamun– it was amazing.  Someone forgot to send us the memo that we should dress up and dress warm, so we were all freezing.  I felt bad because it was a gorgeous party but it was so cold that nobody was enjoying it.  We got spoiled with free food (more food!) and free drinks (coffee, hot chocolate, beer and wine) and they had a DJ and everything.  It was a really classy occasion.  I’m so glad we decided to commit to go and made ourselves do it or we really would have missed out.

Aedemz Sandwich 아담스 샌드위치

A Mango Shake at Aedemz Cafe

This sweet little cafe is tucked away on a backstreet near Apgujeong station, about a 7 minute walk from our apartment.  There are so many cafes in this area but I’ve been making a point to seek out ones that are 1) not chains 2) not packed with people and 3) are open late.  It helps my studying to get out of the house (and away from the computer), and I want to find some cozy place that I can start to feel at home at and frequent.  I find myself resentful of all of the nasty chains lining 가로수길 and want to give my business to someone with a small business, so I’ve been on the hunt.

Anyway, Jessica and I made a good find.  Aedems (Adams?) Sandwich is a small cafe that sells the standard coffees, teas, and has fruit smoothies as well.  They also have a sandwich and panini menu although I’ve yet to try them out.  I can say that the mint-chocolate-chip frapuccino is amazing, and the mango smoothie was reminiscent of Thailand.  What I liked best was how friendly the owner is.  I asked her how late she was open and she said “as late as you want,” basically, and she even gave us some sliced kiwi as “service” (the Konglish word for free stuff).

Prices are pretty high but on par with everything else around here.  I’ll try to get a picture of the menu when I go back sometime so you can see.  Coffee drinks are anywhere from 3500 to 5500 won, smoothies are 5000, and sandwiches are 5000-6000.  They also sell bingsu but I didn’t get to try it yet.

Seeing as cafes are a dime a dozen in this area you’d think the owners would take care to be nice to customers, but most employees of places I’ve been are pretty cold and grumpy.

Stephanie’s Cafe

Just wanted to post a quick review of a restaurant in the area.  There are two locations for Stephanie’s Cafe that are both walkable from our apartment (or Apgujeong Station).  It’s listed as an Italian restaurant though that may be mostly because it has pasta.  We tried a variety of things– salads, sandwiches, pasta, and I had a sort of mushroom pie with mashed peas and potatoes on top… it was heaven.  The place is expensive to be sure, but worth every won.  They use only organic ingredients and everything is truly well made.  The atmosphere is quite cosy and nice as well, and one of our friends says the owner is quite friendly if you stop by a few times.