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Nebraska Scenery

Although it’s pretty hot here in Nebraska, it’s usually breezy as well so it’s pleasant. I’ve been trying to take a lot of walks while the weather is still nice here, before the winter comes. I just wanted to share a few pictures that I’ve taken while walking near our apartment. It’s pretty picturesque!

A bit of inspiration

I have pretty much forgotten about this website for a year! I don’t have anything in particular I want to write about since I’m actually supposed to be working right now, but I wanted to share some words of inspiration.

“There are many who find a good alibi far more attractive than an achievement. For an achievement does not settle anything permanently. We still have to prove our worth anew each day; we have to prove that we are as good today as we were yesterday. But when we have a valid alibi for not achieving anything we are fixed, so to speak, for life.” ~Eric Hoffer


New Office

I’ve decided to quit Facebook again. Being on there always gives the illusion of being connected to friends and family, but in reality it’s 99% re-posted inflammatory news articles, and I have no idea what’s actually going on with anyone. Better to actually contact people, and spare myself high blood pressure from seeing stupid headlines. And besides, instead of going there to waste time, I might find more time to post on here again!

Life these days is consumed with work. It’s that time of year when I wake up before the sun and sit at my desk until it’s time for bed. But this year, T is also assisting with retouching and client management, so it’s been a lot less hectic! Frankly, although there’s a lot of work, I’ve still had time to read at least a book a week, meet friends for dinner a few times a week, walk a couple of miles to Chick-fil-A once in a while, meet my family on the weekends, and study Korean and Japanese. So although I feel very busy, it’s the good kind.

Another thing cheering me up is that the office is just exactly how I want it. No longer living in a cramped apartment in NY, now we have enough space for huge desks!

Here is the layout:


My desk is on the left, and T’s on the right. We both have L-shaped desks with the central part shared. It’s already been great for craft projects and building Lego! We also got some kallax shelves at IKEA to add some extra storage. It really keeps things tidy (though it’s not so tidy in this picture) to have storage. Top that off with comfortable office chairs and I really can’t complain! It’s a pretty great setup.

2016-09-18-09-07-06I haven’t been able to spend much time in the rest of the house the past few weeks, but today we actually caught up with work so I have time to read a good book on the sofa. I just finished my first Stephen King novel- I’d never really been drawn to the horror genre before, but I have been trying all kinds of new things now that we have library memberships. This time it was The Shining, andI wouldn’t recommend reading it right before bed (which is when I usually read). It was certainly creepy!  I chose it because we were in Estes Park last summer and I had an idea about the hotel. In all I really liked King’s writing style, so I think I’ll check out some of his non-horror novels.


I just registered for the JLPT exam in December! I decided on the N4 level. Although N3 would be nice to shoot for, there seems to be a big gap in difficulty and I know I won’t have a lot of time to study in the months leading up to the exam. Still, it’s really exciting to have a goal that I’ve been working toward all year.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 7.46.25 AM

I think we’ve pretty much settled into our apartment now. We are still decorating and looking for a few pieces of furniture, but the whole place is set up and livable now, and this past week we focused more on work (and play!)

Last weekend Tristan and I took a quick trip to Wilmington for the 4th of July to visit some of Tristan’s family. Here we are with his grandparents:

2016-07-04-12.32.05After that we came back to Cary and got a lot of work done on business development. I feel like we are juggling so many things at the moment that it’s hard to keep my head on straight, but it seems like we are really making progress. Once that is less vague I will write more about it!

On Wednesday we got invited to go tubing with some friends from the triangle area! I left my phone at home for safekeeping which turned out to be a great idea. The person who had a camera on the river took a ton of great pictures, but then lost it in the river near the end of our trip! So I don’t have any pictures to show, but thankfully didn’t lose my camera or phone. We had a good time though, and somehow managed not to get burned after 3 hours on the river.

Other than that nothing too exciting has happened. Next week we have an anniversary and a birthday to celebrate. I haven’t decided what I want to do for the big 31,  so you’ll just have to wait and see!