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Today’s Vocabulary 2010.07.02

Today’s words are brought to you by Nichkhun and Victoria’s first date on <우리 결혼했어요>

This being my first vocabulary post, I should explain that the definitions come from my dictionary, but the explanations are my own interpretation or tricks for remembering the words.  I am NOT a native speaker, and these lists are primarily made for my own use.  I’m posting them here in case it’s useful to someone else to have vocabulary lists.  I try to find new words in texts, comics, or videos– which makes it more interesting than random word lists.

Also, I am NOT translating every bit of something.  I’m merely taking the words that I don’t know yet.  So, these lists won’t be helpful to a complete beginner.

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I’m getting married in one week, and I’m turning 25.  The only truly ambitious goal I’ve ever been determined to achieve is to spend time in Korea.  As anyone who knows me knows, I was already blessed with 5 wonderful months there which left me only craving more and, luckily, my husband-to-be is nothing but supportive and excited by having more adventures with me.

Since graduating, my priorities have definitely shifted away from creating art.  I feel satisfied with the design work I get to do at my job because I’m learning so much about Indesign at the same time.  But in general I haven’t done anything creative with myself.  I haven’t even been diligent about studying Korean lately, with the wedding approaching.

The main thing that bothers me is that I’m so content with this getting by every day.  I’m perfectly happy working, loving, eating, reading, just being.  But I’ve never been ambitious with a project.  I do get temporarily excited about ideas, but I’ve never followed through.

For now, I’m just writing about this.  I want to feel satisfied with myself, with some kind of studying regiment, and also expanding myself creatively.  I also want to update this website more often with something!

I have some ideas, but I’ll have to get back to you in one week!  See you again!

Animazement 2010

This year I finally made it to Animazement, the anime convention held in Raleigh, NC.  Being my first time, I didn’t bother dressing up because I knew there would be enough to do that I wouldn’t want to have the additional stress of taking care of a costume.

Tristan has been somewhat interested in cosplaying– though I think he’s mostly into the creation of the costume.  He decided to go as Kratos from the game God of War, and has devoted a lot of time over the last few months into making the costume.  It paid off, because he won 2nd place as an amateur in the craftsmanship contest!  The judges particularly liked the swords, which he hand-carved and painted himself.  It being Tristan’s first time at a an anime convention as well, it was definitely a great first experience.  There have only been a few good Kratos cosplays done so far, and his version was very well received.

As for me, being there made me feel guilty that I hadn’t gone earlier– if I’d known what it would be like, I would definitely have submitted some artwork to the art auction and easily made a nice sum.  There were a lot of talented artists there, and a lot of artists who clearly just drew stuff they knew would sell (heck, can you blame them?). If anything, I came away from the experience with some motivation to pick up drawing again and begin a project of my own.  Since graduation I haven’t created much, and I can’t keep using wedding preparation as an excuse– though it’s no secret that   I keep procrastinating with wedding stuff as well.. hah!

We also bought a few prints in Artist Alley.  There was a lot of nicely drawn stuff there, but anime posters of pinup women and pretty-boys with flowery backgrounds aren’t very suitable for a person to put on their wall if they don’t want their apartment to look like a college dorm room.  So when we came across this guy’s table, we were really enthusiastic.  He has his own drawing style, even though he draws other characters, and his prints had a really nice sense of composition.  So we’ll have three of his prints on the wall!

Monsanto supporting NPR

I was disturbed enough to hear a statement on NPR about how Monsanto is one of their sponsors, with a little blurb about how great genetically modified seeds are and how they’re saving the planet.

But it was even more disturbing that, minutes later, there was a report about how efficient genetically modified seeds are.  The report didn’t mention Monsanto, but I was still disturbed.  After seeing the accusations against the company in Food Inc. I’m skeptical.  The convenience of their seeds doesn’t change the fact that they have control over 90% of the crops in this country, which only increases as they prosecute farmers for theft if their crops happen to be pollenated by plants grown from their seeds.  As if anyone has control over the way the wind blows.